Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leap of Faith

I did it- I ordered tickets for Romeo and Juliet at The Globe. I was able to find some seats without an "obstructed view" at the mid-range ticket price so there's a little savings in case we can't go. Once I booked the tickets I noticed a link to The Swan, a restaurant apparently located on the theater grounds, so I'm going to make reservations for lunch there. It should be a lovely day with my daughter!


Tristin said...

Huzzah! Have fun off in fun-land. Seeing fun things. :P

Mark said...

Excellent! You're going to make me very jealous... I seriously doubt that flights will be cancelled, but I suppose there is some chance that public establishments might get closed by order of a reactionary government. If that happens I suspect they would have to refund your money.

The way I see it, fear of a plague can only add to the realism of a trip to the Globe!