Saturday, May 23, 2009

Almost Home

We're on the ground on the same side of the Atlantic as HOME!!!! Currently sitting in Newark Liberty airport and we are travel weary. I'm hoping to upgrade to business class because I just can't take another three hours mushed into those claustrophobic seats; I can't take it, I tell you!

I think I'm melting down here.

PS: We were NOT able to upgrade or get even slightly better seats or anything. :( It seems Continental wanted to put butts in the seats so they ran all sorts of special deals recently plus it was the start of Memorial Day weekend and the plane was PACKED. That 2 plus hour portion of the trip dragged on forever; it was harder than the almost 9 hour trans-Atlantic flight, especially after the 6 hour layover. I think the jet lag I'm dealing with is literally JET lag; it's not as much from the vacation and time change but more from the stress of spending so many hours traveling.

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