Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Internet!!!

Tragedy of tragedies- our hotel doesn´t have internet. The Eldest and I hunted down an internet cafe and we´re both typing furiously since the place closes in 15 minutes. I have several updates typed into our laptop but no way to post them so they´ll go up after we get home late Saturday night. (Well, as soon as we recover enough to get on the computer!)

We´re in Barcelona and enjoying ourselves immensely. The weather is a lot like home so we don´t have to bundle up every time we go out- yeah! This is a lovely city but intimidating since the bike tour guide mentioned that they don´t prosecute pickpockets, and if you have the misfortune to wander into a protest the cops will club you indiscriminately along with the locals who are actually protesting. And apparently protests are fairly common right down the block from our hotel... Yowsers!

I´m having some difficulty typing on this keyboard since it´s set up slightly differently than American ones. It has things like this ´ññññ for instance. çççç

Oh, well, my time is almost at an end anyway, so that´s all.

Lots of love to everyone and more when we get home!

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