Friday, May 15, 2009


Computers are a pain in the butt. :-P I'm typing my posts into Open Office then I cut & paste during the paid internet time purchased through the hotel. Open Office has decided to be temperamental, which is unfortunate since I'm typing on this little teeny itsy bitsy keyboard and my fingers keep hitting the wrong button, esp. when I try to hit the right shift key. It's poorly placed, to say the least.

Suffice to say, we are continuing to have a lovely time even though the weather is the pits, we took a bike tour of Versailles yesterday with Fat Tire Bike Tours that was fantastic, our feet hurt, our thighs hurt, and we're taking a walking tour of Montmartre this afternoon. Hard Core, man!! ;)

More later when I can play around with Open Office and fix the posts I was typing up. It's something to do with the formatting; I'll straighten it out then paste the longer post about Versailles. (There may be a few other posts too; I'll check where I left off.)


Mark said...

Don't forget I had to announce my engagement to Ms. Marjorie to you all via a bizarre French keyboard at an internet cafe. :-) You're hitting a lot of places we never did though, so I'm officially jealous...

Mark said...

Oh, and PLEASE make sure you are downloading your pictures to your computer regularly, even if you can't upload them to blogger or wherever just yet. Just continually ask yourself how bad it would suck to lose your camera right now. Be paranoid!