Sunday, May 10, 2009


We got in last night and were feeling very lost and culturally shocked, but we took a guided bike tour that was a BLAST and now we feel so much better!!! Paris may be OK after all. ;) The hotel we're staying in is lovely (thank you to my friend who got us really good rates!!) and the room is fantastic. (I'm actually posting this out of order- I typed some posts into Open Office but haven't had a chance to get on line to copy & paste onto the blog, and now I'm on a public access computer so I can't do it now. I'll get them on later, with more about the room.)

Paris is lovely if you don't look down and have a clogged nose. There are so many trees but not much in the way of grass or ground cover. There are gardens here and there and grass in the parks, of course, but just along the streets there's not much in the way of landscaping except the trees. It's pretty stinky, and yep, lots of trash. I saw one girl just drop a liter bottle on the sidewalk when she wsa done with it; they need our Crying Native American campaign over here! The day started out really cold (to this Floridian, anyway) but warmed up, then got chilly again. We've seen the Eiffel Tower but haven't gone up in it yet. We met the bike tour there and now we're in the tour office; we'll go back and go up in the ET when we're done here if it's still open. I'm hoping we can catch a river tour after that, but I'm not sure. I'm going to ask here if ít's better to take the tours at night or during the day and let that be our guide. I'm kind of nervous about getting around here; there are apparently some rough areas and I don't know where they are or how to avoid them, and we're going to be out at night.

Well my 10 minutes are almost up so I'm signing off now. Lots of love to everyone and we miss you all!!!

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Kevin said...

Stay safe. It would cost a fortune to replace you. :)