Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Travel Woes

So far on our journey, things have not gone well. We should be in London already but we're sitting at gate 74 in Newark Liberty airport after spending last night at a Holiday Inn. We lose a day in London which is a huge bummer, but it may be for the best since it gave me a chance to rest my back. Which hurts. We're going with the flow, though and rapidly losing our "Newbie Traveler" status. We've definitely leveled up, as Abi pointed out last night. She gave us credit for one level; I say we get at least 5 for the overnight thing.

We've been trading stories with other diverted passengers which has been interesting. We shared a shuttle ride to the hotel last night with a newlywed couple trying to get to Lisbon for their honeymoon. Another woman on the same bus had been traveling for 4 days now. She didn't say specifically where she was from, only "an island in the South Pacific" and she's heading to Connecticut. That's some serious traveling. And she had a kid with her! Another couple was heading to Rome before catching a cruise. The bus was full of people who also missed their connections, so if misery loves company there was plenty to go around. :-P

The Eldest and I are sharing our new lap top. It's a teeny little thing and so cute, but a bear to type on, at least when it comes to hitting that left shift key. Everything else is OK, but everytime I go for that I hit something else and wind up closing the page. I'm too tired to deal, so that's the end of my posting for today!

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Loretta said...

i have a friend who does not use caps at all. it is very readable and maybe you can do something like that. loretta