Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hard Core Tourists!!!

We went to 3 museums and one monument today; we ARE Hard Core Tourists! At least that's what I kept telling The Eldest whenever she would moan about her poor tired feet. My feet are just kind of...feet? What feet? I can't feel them anymore so I don't have to acknowledge their existence, right?

We started the day at The Orangerie, a lovely museum featuring two rooms with Monet's Water Lilies. I was shocked at how I responded to them- I teared up. I was so overcome with the beauty of them, how perfectly displayed they are in their rooms, the sunlight streaming in through the filtered skylights. They were breathtaking. And very large! The rooms are oval in shape and the paintings take up the entire wall space. We're going to see more Monet on Saturday, which I'm excited about, when we go to Giverny to see his house and gardens.

Our second museum of the day was the Rodin, after a lunch at a very Parisian cafe across the street. We sat outside and watched the world go by, and coughed at the cigarette smoke, and had the best meal since we've been here. We made our way to the Rodin and I was once again blown away. The gardens where many of his sculptures are housed, including The Thinker, were so tranquil and leafy and green, even if his "Gates of Hell" are in one corner. As I was walking around admiring his works, the birds were chirping and the wind was swaying the trees. There are manicured sections of the gardens but my favorite was a more forested area off to one side. An oasis in the middle of Paris.

After The Rodin we walked across to Les Invalides and the Dome Church that houses Napoleon's very elaborate tomb. We explored the church for a while then left to go back to the hotel for a much needed nap.

After our nap we dragged ourselves back out to The Louvre again. We didn't get to see as much as we would have liked the first time we went so I was anxious to go again. We found Venus de Milo this time and she is lovely. We went around one floor of the Denon wing then over to see a small portion of the Sully wing. We never made it over to Richeleu. Dinner at the mall food court outside the Louvre then home.

I'd like to write more but I'm running out of time.


Loretta said...

You lucky duckies. Next time we're all going. Loretta (Granny)

Melinda said...

It sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time!! When you get back please stop by my blog. I'm back up and running at URL: