Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Bubble Wrap

The Eldest is now volunteering at a local children's museum. Parents were required to go in today to meet the staff and see who their children are spending their time with, which is a good thing. They also told us about the recycled art show the teen volunteers are putting on. This has been a regular event for many years, but now they are using it as a fund raiser for the first time. The Eldest wasn't going to participate (she missed a mandatory meeting while we were out of town) but they said they need more entries and gave the kids another opportunity to sign up. She decided to go for it and will be making her design out of bubble wrap. She's been looking at pictures of bubble wrap dresses on the internet and found an amazing wedding dress. I found a link to pictures from a recycled fashion show in Portland that are really cool. I swear, human ingenuity never ceases to amaze me; we are one incredible species.

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