Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Well's Run Dry...

Day 11 of Nablowrimo and I'm not feeling particularly wordy. It's not that things aren't happening, they are, I'm just not up to the eloquence required to write about them. It's a focus issue; there are so many things to write about I'm having trouble narrowing it down. I guess I could tell you about "Thriller" practice today. The Eldest is participating in a Halloween event through Girl Scouts and her troop will be wandering around performing "Thriller" at random times and locations during the night, kind of like a flash mob. She recruited the younger two so they've learned the dance, too. It's too cute to watch them practice together. (And of course, I forgot to take my camera when they were rehearsing today; ARGH!!) They'll be ripping up old clothes and smearing themselves with fake blood in preparation for the performances; I won't forget my camera for that! (I hope.)

Or I could write about the delicious dinner DH made tonight. It's one of our favorite recipes, Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Tenderloin. I'm trying to get away from eating a lot of meat but this is one recipe that will be hard to give up! He's started making glazed carrots as a side dish and they are also most delish. He puts freshly ground cinnamon in the glaze along with brown sugar then cooks them until they are tender. I love carrots any way I can get them, but this way makes them taste like dessert. We've eaten really well this past week!

I could also write about my attempts to clean my son's room yesterday and today, but that's rather traumatic so I won't go there.

Actually, what I need to be doing instead of blogging is getting The Middle Child's troop nut orders in order. Can you say procrastination...

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