Thursday, February 5, 2009

Change in Plans...Menu Plans, That Is

I was looking forward to trying the new recipe from the Taste of Home booklet for dinner today but there was a change of plans. My family members (namely DH and The Eldest) decided to go and get colds and were whining all over the place and demanding chicken soup, then my MIL said I should make chicken soup for them, then my MOM said I should make chicken soup too. (Traitor.) Talk about pressure! Harumph. I wanted chicken orzo skillet, but I made chicken soup. ;)

It came out pretty good today, too, if I do say so myself, and DH said he's feeling better already.

They are awfully miserable, poor things, and going through tissues like they own stock in Kleenex. DH worked from home and didn't go in at all today; I'm thankful he has a job that allows him that option. Heck, I'm thankful he has a job period!

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