Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soccer Moms

So I've joined the ranks of Soccer Moms once again; sigh. The Youngest has wanted to play soccer for a while now so I finally caved and signed him up for the spring season. His first practice was tonight, which conflicted with the Girl Scout leader meeting I was supposed to be at, of course. I went to soccer, naturally! I can't miss his very first practice ever. I tried to take pictures but it was too dark; the flash didn't help any from the sidelines so I'm bummed. He was so cute, though, with that toothless grin which makes for extra oodles of adorableness in a boy child. Several of his team mates were also sporting the toothless look, I noticed. It's all the rage at that age level, I hear. The coach seems like a good guy so far, although time will tell. He worked well with the kids. They were running all over the place working on ball skills then ended with a scrimmage. On the way back to the car I asked The Youngest about his team and he said "there were only 3 kids on my team", so I had to explain to him about how the team will divide up to play a game for practice, but at the real games all of the kids he was with tonight will be on his team. He liked that idea, but he's still bothered that he doesn't have his uniform yet. He's going to be so excited at that first game!! I'm going to be so tired!! The games are EARLY on Saturday mornings and we're not morning people so it's going to be painful, but we'll do it for The Youngest. ;)

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