Sunday, February 8, 2009

Helping Others

My blog friend Melinda over at "At Shore's End" wrote a lovely post about how she would like to help others. That reminded me of an article I ripped out of the January issue of Family Circle magazine with links to various web sites that help you help others. Here are the links: (I gave my kids $20.00 for Christmas, 2007 to "spend" at Mark Makers and they LOVED it. It's aimed at kids.) (excellent for increasing your vocab and feeding the world at the same time; I'm going to put the link under my "links I like" list)

And now I can help myself by reducing the clutter in my house and throwing the article away since I have all the info right here! :)

PS: DH just asked me what I want for Valentine's Day and, thanks to Melinda's inspiration, I decided I want us to make donations to in each other's names. I don't need flowers (although lovely, they die so quickly), I don't need chocolate, (the weight thing- I want to keep it off!), I've never been one for jewelry, and who needs more clutter in the house? A micro loan to a budding entrepreneur will be just the thing. :)

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Melinda said...

Thanks for the link. I love, and sevral of the others you listed.