Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

We had such a lovely afternoon today! I picked up deli sandwiches and fruit from the grocery store (instead of the turkey dogs on the menu plan) and we ate a late lunch at a local park followed by a bike ride until the park closed. The weather was gorgeous although on the chilly side; I wore a jacket and was still a little cold. (I get cold easily; thank goodness we don't live up north!) DH and I bought bikes for each other for Christmas and we've been to this particular park a few times now. It's a smaller park and draws fewer people so it's perfect for bike rides with the kids. There are cars going through were we ride but the speed limit is very low and the visibility is good so it's safer than riding through our neighborhood. The worst part is packing up the kids and the bikes which takes, oh, at least half an hour or so on a good day. ("Where's my helmet? Do I HAVE to wear sneakers? I can't find them. Did you get water for me?" etc., etc., etc.) It was worth it though (especially since DH loads the bikes) ;) and I was so proud of us for being an active, outdoorsy family. Me, outdoorsy! Go figure. It feels so good, though, and I know we're setting a good example for the kids. "The family that plays together" as they say.

We have an extra bike The Niece uses when she's here; she takes it to work sometimes. I got a good deal on that one- I asked at the local bike shops if they had any used bikes to sell and we picked that one up for about a third of what it would cost new. (Good frugal tip for a troubled economy- check bike stores for used bikes!) It's a good brand all fixed up with new parts. Someone dropped it off for repairs and never picked it up and the store owner was tired of having it around taking up space so he sold it to me when I asked. I'm pleased as punch about it!


Melinda said...

Yay, good for you guys! Getting out to play as a family is always such a treat and so theraputic for all concerned. I can't wait for Spring when we can do this more. Last week was gorgeous here, 60+, but this week it's cold again, ug!

Kim said...

Here's wishing some lovely sunny days your way! :) I've been reading your blog and your posts have been wonderful; I've been wanting to comment but haven't had the time to do it thoughtfully so I'm holding off for the moment. :)