Sunday, February 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!

Hot off the presses, here's my weekly menu plan:
Monday Lunch: Breakfast sandwiches (eggs and cheese on either a bagel or an english muffin)
Monday Dinner: Roast Chicken with Pasta and Broccoli (will post recipes for chicken and broccoli following, probably tomorrow)
Tuesday Lunch: Healthy Burgers, Waldorf Salad, Oven Fries
Tuesday Dinner: Chicken Philly Sandwiches
Wednesday Lunch: Shrimp Scampi from "There's a Chef in My World"
Wednesday Dinner: Beef-a-roni
Thursday Lunch: Spaghetti with garlic bread and bruschetta
Thursday Dinner: Chicken Orzo Skillet from "Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Recipe Cards", current issue, page 3
Friday Lunch: Eat Out
Friday Dinner: Tender and Crisp Chicken Legs with Sweet Tomatoes from Jamie Oliver's web site*
Saturday Lunch: Grillades and Grits
Saturday Dinner: Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Tenderloins with rice and a salad
Sunday Lunch: Jambalaya*
Sunday Dinner: Mom and Dad eat out; order pizza for the kids and the sitter

*Notes: When I make the Jamie Oliver chicken I add the cannellini beans that are mentioned as optional ("if you fancy") in the recipe, and I add at LEAST 2 cans of them. They are absolutely DELISH! We make our JAMBALAYA from the Zatarain's mix and throw it in the rice cooker with cubed pork tenderloin (I buy a 2 pound pork tenderloin and use half for this recipe, half for the Brown Sugar Glazed Pork), a chopped onion, a chopped pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. The rice cooker does the rest; it's one of the easiest meals we make.

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Melinda said...

The brown sugar pork sounds great! I've added it to my list of recipes I want to try. Thanks for the info you left on healthy eating, etc. I am going to try all your suggestions!

Kim said...

You're most welcome! :) If you poke around on the Aprons website you'll find lots of other recipes, too. I only like a few of them; there is a lot of reliance on processed food. Which reminds me, for a "heads up", the Montreal Steak Seasoning the recipe calls for does have MSG. We only eat this once in a while, it's really good, and there's only a small amount of the seasoning for the entire recipe (we use half the amount called for) so we eat it anyway. I'd love to find a seasoning blend that tastes the same/similar without the MSG! I'll have to see what they have that might be similar the next time I go to Whole Foods...