Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I took The Middle Child and a friend of mine to pick strawberries again today- yum, yum, yum. One of the gentlemen at the farm told us it was peak season and he wasn't kidding! The plants were dripping strawberries; we filled our baskets in record time. The Middle Child picked the most- she was picking for all she was worth and filled more containers than I did! It was a gorgeous day for it, too. A touch on the chilly side in the shade but absolutely perfect in the sun. I blew my healthy eating resolve big time, too. They sell the best strawberry shakes and ice cream sundaes on the planet, and I indulged. They also sell cinnamon buns; yep, had a couple of those, and herbed breadsticks, and I had a couple of those, too. Ooooh, the scale is going to be up 5 pounds tomorrow, but it's so worth it! (I'll get right back on track and get it back down, never fear.)

Now we have to wash them, dice them, and flash freeze them for future use. Oh, and EAT as many as we can in the process! Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy...

(And then I came home and did the soccer mom thing; whew, it was a busy day!)

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