Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recipe Gold Mines

I know they are out there, it's just a matter of finding them! I'm on the hunt for recipes and the internet is an almost endless resource if you know where to look. I have links to a few of my favorite sites, my local grocery store, Cooking Light, and Food Network, over there on my "Links I Like" list. There are others- I just discovered one for Swanson broth when I was poking around over at Cooking Light looking for new recipes for next week's menu. There's also Kraft (although they use a lot of heavily processed ingredients in their recipes), Whole Foods, and King Arthur Flour. A lot of the cooking and lifestyle magazines have a ton of recipes; I've used some from Real Simple and Southern Living. And the blogs, the blogs!! All of the blogs that link to Menu Plan Monday, of course, are wonderful recipe resources, then there are the "Top 50 Food Blogs" to check out. Some of the blogs I've stumbled onto several times are in the top 50- Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, and Joy the Baker. I've corresponded with Pioneer Woman- it's like I've communicated with a celebrity! (I told her she should be on Food Network or have a book out; she said I was very nice to think so, or something along those lines.) The photography on the better food blogs is amazing too; it's food porn, to use the term DH introduced me to. Makes your mouth water just looking at it, which is why I liked the Design Sponge Christmas post so much. ;)

Do you have any favorite sites? Let me know because I'm always looking for more recipes!!

And with all these wonderful resources, I still can't resist buying new cookbooks.

PS: Update on another blog and website I just discovered when I was looking for Apocalypse Chow, one of my favorite cookbooks. One of the authors had a website a while back and I tried to find it, oh, a month or so ago (more or less) but it was gone. I checked again, clicking on the book on Shelfari, and that led me to her NEW website! She also has a blog and the very first recipe I found on there looks yummy; I'm probably going to try it next week. I put the links on my "Links I Like" and "My Blog List" lists.

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