Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gloom, Despair, and Misery

The Eldest is still sick and she’s gotten worse. :( I took her to an urgent care clinic this afternoon and her fever was 102.7 when we were checking in; the nurse practitioner walked in and said "I hear you're cooking yourself". He checked her over then sent in the doctor, who declared it a sinus infection, wrote a prescription for antibiotics and a pain reliever/fever reducer and then sent us on our way. I'm partly relieved that it was a sinus infection since we were worried she might have a migraine, something I wouldn't wish on anyone since they are recurrent. Although potentially more serious right now, at least this infection should clear up and not give her anymore trouble later. I also spent all day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday when it was actually Wednesday, so I missed a doctor’s appointment for myself I could have taken her to. I have very mild asthma so it was a check up for that, and I could have asked that they take her instead. I would have preferred she see that doctor over the one at the urgent care place. Not that the urgent care doc was inferior in any way, it’s just that he’s a generalist I don’t know and my asthma guy is a specialist with the ear/nose/throat/sinus issues and I know him fairly well.

I HATE it when I get my days mixed up and miss stuff! I’ve done that to the kids, too- they’ve missed birthday parties they really wanted to go to, among other things, because I can’t keep track of the days. I finally got a calendar and started keeping everything written down about a 100 years ago and kept it in my purse so I could add to it as things came up, but then I’d forget to check it. To solve THAT problem I got a second calendar, a large wipe board calendar that I update at the start of every month. I keep that up at the entry to our kitchen so we can check it at a glance. The only problem this month is that I haven’t updated yet. I’m usually pretty good about it but this month has been hectic so it went on the back burner. I’m hoping to get to it today, though, so I don’t miss anything else!!!


Melinda said...

I hope she feels better soon!! My hubby is fighting sinus issues too and has had an awful headache to go along with it!

I added a fun poll to my blog, where readers can predict whether our baby is a girl or a boy. Come on by and vote!

Kim said...

I voted boy! We had 2 girls first then our boy, and boy, oh boy, is he a handful! What a cutie pie, though; he's also our little charmer.