Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Strawberries & Soccer Moms

Yesterday was such a full and busy day that the two previous posts just can't begin to cover it. One thing DH said I had to write about is the fellow soccer mom I talked to at The Youngest's practice. Since it was his first practice I didn't know anyone, but I was trying to be sociable and make conversation so I mentioned to one of the moms that I was a mess (I was wearing a strawberry stained Firefly, yes, the movie, T-shirt) because I'd just returned from picking strawberries. She gave me a confused look and said "you were picking strawberries"? I said yes, then she just looked blank and said "why?" Why? WHY? Why would someone drive an hour to pick the most delicious, decadent, delightful fruit on the planet on a gorgeous spring day? Why would I do that? I was confused by the question, I have to admit, but I responded "because they're worth it!" Then I showed her a picture (because of course I had my digital camera in hand to take pictures of The Youngest) of the back of my mini-van full of strawberries. All she said was "yes, that's a lot of strawberries".

The Eldest said I missed an opportunity. She said when people ask her questions like that she gives the most outrageous answer she can think of; she would have said "because the strawberries in the grocery have all been poisoned by aliens". That led DH to say it would be a win if it resulted in a letter to the editor- "who are these aliens and why are they poisoning our berries?" They crack me up.

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