Thursday, February 19, 2009

The New Link

I've placed a new link on my "links I like" list. It's for the official White House web site and everyone should check it out! There's all sorts of interesting information on there, for instance, did you know that our President is taking his first foreign trip today to Ottawa, Canada? He is, and one of the White House staffers will be liveblogging about it as it happens! There are updates on the stimulus bill and how that's going. You can read the President's agenda to find out where our country is going under his leadership. There is a section on history; you can watch a slide show about all of our former Presidents and learn about the White House itself. Under White House 101 you can even learn about the first pets! It's a fascinating site and has loads of content to poke around in. Let me know if you take a look. :)

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