Friday, February 13, 2009

New Recipe Report

I made the Greek Chicken Dinner last night, adding a bunch of my new favorite convenience food to the recipe, and it was DELICIOUS! The family declared it A Keeper. What is my new favorite convenience food? Pre-peeled garlic cloves! I first used them for the Jamie Oliver recipe and they are so handy. I hate peeling garlic, especially more than just a few cloves, so the pre-peeled is very helpful. I threw a handful in the pan right before it went in the oven; the kids picked them out of the finished dish to smear on crackers.

The recipe was fairly easy to prep, then an hour in the oven and the house smells so yummy while it cooks. I meant to make some bread-from-a-can (Pillsbury french bread) but since I never got around to it the crackers were OK. I think this is an easily adjustable and versatile recipe, too; if you don't like one or two of the seasonings leave them out, or change the seasonings completely, change up the veggies, (any veggie that roasts well would work), change the quantities to suit the number of people you are cooking for, etc.

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Kevin said...

DH notes: the dish was pretty much licked clean. Yum.