Friday, February 20, 2009

Round Tuits

When I was a kid, there was a teacher who gave us all little round wooden disks with "TUIT" written on it. She explained that these were "Round Tuits", so that when we looked at them we would know it was time to get "around to" whatever we might be procrastinating about. Well, today was a Round Tuit day. I finally, finally took all of our dead electronic equipment to our county recycling facility where it will be disposed of properly instead of going to a landfill and leaching bad things into our water table. Whew! That feels so good! I dropped off a very large TV, two computers, a printer, an old battery operated mini TV, two DVR units, and a bunch of miscellaneous items. Most of it was ours, some of it was from my grandmother's house, and ALL of it was stacked up in the corners of my house for WAAAAAAYYYY too long!

It feels so good to both have that stuff out of my house and to have a task that's been hanging over my head for a long time crossed OFF my to do list!

PS: Saturday update: I noticed a pile of stuff right in the middle of my bedroom floor today- a dead computer and a dead VCR I FORGOT TO TAKE TO THE RECYCLING PLACE! How could I have missed it? I mean it's RIGHT in the middle of the floor! MAJOR ARGHHHH!!!!


Melinda said...

I tend to let things like that pile up too, and then it always feels so good when you finally get them where they need to go. We got rid of a bunch of stuff while we were moving this week and there's probably more that can go.

Kim said...

Yes- there's nothing like a good purge! :) It always makes me feel...lighter or something to get rid of things I don't need, especially if it's in a way that will help others or the environment.